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Tianna Taylor Biography Photo Tianna Taylor Biography
Born: 3/8/1962
Aliases: Dolly Barton, Tina Taylor, Raven, Chanel, Cheri Raven

Birth Name: Jennifer Conatti
Country of Origin: United States California Malibu
Date of Birth: March 8, Year
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Auburn
Height: 173 cm - 5 feet and 8 inches
Weight: 54 kg - 119 lbs
Measurements: 34C-26-32
Fake Boobs: Yes

Tianna Taylor should not be confused with the starlet who calls herself just “Tianna,” this starlet is a redheaded trailer park honey with the slutty look of a born porn queen. Tianna’s got a lean, athletic body that’s topped with a pair of immense, costume-straining boobs that have landed her plenty of big-breast themed roles. She’s got a cute, slightly chipmunk-cheeked face, and her perky smile can become a temperature-rising sneer of pure nasty lust when she gets turned on.

Her lusty exuberance and luscious figure quickly moved her from big-jugged bit player in flicks like “The Girls Has Assets” to starring roles in steamers like ““Tempting Tianna.” Whatever the part, though, Tianna makes it her own with her sizzling energy -- she’s into raw sexual heat, and it shows. She’s got a reputation as a bit of a party animal, a woman as horny off-screen as on. Plain and simple, this woman loves sex in all its forms.

Tianna mainly shot features in between strip gigs, so her releases tended to be a bit spaced out from one another. She left the scene in early 1993 to concentrate exclusively on her dance career, leaving behind a carnal catalog of over 60 sizzling features. It’s well worth it to try and track down some of this fiery redhead’s steamy work if you’re a fan of trashy, wanton women who have only one thing on their minds. Tianna has also performed under the names Raven and Chanel

Tianna grew up in Malibu and says she always wanted to do porn. "I watched a lot of videos. They were a turn-on and I knew at an early age that this business was for me. I love sex. I masturbate whenever I can.

"My first on screen performance was with Tom Byron. It was comfortable and I wasn't intimidated by the lights, the crew, the director..."

Tianna's fantasy is "to get pulled over by a cop and f--- him in his car while he's still wearing most of his uniform. His gun is drawn and ready for use. Trouble is, in real life I can't get pulled over or arrested. But I've always had this thing for cops in uniform.

"I'd leave the business in a minute if I found the right guy. I'm single. I had a fling with Charlie Sheen for the past year which has been great, but if a self-assured guy comes along and loves me for who I am, is sexual and lets me be with a woman when I need to, well, I'd follow him anywhere." (Hot Times)

Tianna Taylor's sexvids include Take It To The Limit, The Seducers and Victoria's Secret.

She was Bud Lee's live-in lover until he took Asia Carrera from Tony Tedeschi and married her.

Tianna hurt her career by feuding with Johnathan Morgan and Jon Dough, saying they had Herpes. Jim South eventually dropped her from his World Modeling registry.

In the documentary Screwed, Al Goldstein performs cunnilingus on Tianna.


I interview Tianna Taylor who retired a decade ago.

Luke: "What brought you back tonight?"

Tianna: "I got that little bug. I'm turning 30."

Luke: "Have you missed the industry?"

Tianna: "A little bit. I'm a little disappointed in the AIDS. It's a whole different way of business. When I was in it in 1993, it was a small family. Now there are over a thousand talent [working on any given month in Los Angeles according to AIM]. I'm a little skeptical about what people do in their personal life. I'm here tonight to meet people."

Luke: "How did being a porn star affect your life?"

Tianna: "It didn't affect my life. I have no regrets whatsoever. I was very shrewd. I was a businesswoman. I loved being in front of the camera. I loved who I worked with. I'm totally over it now."

Luke: "It must've changed you in some way."

Tianna: "It changed me to be more independent and to make money. I've been a chef for nine years now. I'm one of the top ten chefs in Las Vegas.

"I'm here in disguise. Not for my fans but for my personal... I miss being in front of the camera and being around my fans. The sex."

Luke: "The adulation?"

Tianna: "I love everything about it. I have no regrets."

Luke: "How did it change the way people look at you once they know you're a porn star?"

Tianna: "There are a lot of people who look at females who are attractive with big boobs and not want to get to know them. I wanted people to get to know who I was inside. A lot of beautiful people are discriminated [against]. [Porn] is not something I normally talk about."

Luke: "How did it affect your love life?"

Tianna: "I was in a beautiful relationship for seven years. A real man accepts a woman. I was with a great guy for three-and-a-half years. In between, I had a girlfriend. I've been very open about it."

Luke: "Did it come up if you were in a fight?"

Tianna: "Absolutely. It was the first thing they'd throw in your face. I'm a very generous person. But there's a lot of resentment.

"I grew up in Beverly Hills in a wealthy family. I never got involved in drugs or alcohol. The money of my family was brought up more so than my porn career. That brought up more resentment, that I was daddy's little girl. That hurt me."

Luke: "How did your family react to your getting into porn?"

Tianna: "I was very business... I lived in beautiful homes and had great animals."

Luke: "How did your family react to your getting into porn?"

Tianna: "They really didn't react to it because they saw..."

Luke: "They had no reaction to your getting into porn?"

Tianna: "They didn't like what I did."

Luke: "Why did you get into porn?"

Tianna: "Because I was very fascinated by what's behind the camera."

Luke: "Fascinated by what?"

Tianna: "What was going on behind the films. I was a virgin until I was 19.

"It was fascinating that people became fans of mine because I did a great job and still are fans to this day.

"I went to college for child psychology. I got my AA."

In highschool, "I was a loner. Nobody liked me. I was the ugly duckling who turned into a beautiful swan. Everybody wants to talk to me now."

Excaliburfilms Profile: (http://www.excaliburfilms.com/pornlist/starpgs/tianna_taylor.htm)
Throughout much of the 90s, Porn Star Tianna Taylor was the poster girl for big-breasted bad girls, a buxom redheaded beauty whose over-inflated boobs got more than their fair share of amorous attention. In over 100 features between 1990 and 1998, Tianna Taylor showed herself to be a hard-charging, sexually voracious vixen who never shied away from passion at its rawest. Tianna Taylor grew up in Malibu, California, and became a porn fan early on. She dreamed of one day becoming a porn star, and as soon as she got old enough, that's just what she did.

Although Tianna Taylor is best remembered for her massive inflated breasts, she actually started out in the biz as an all-natural go-getter. One of her best early scenes can be found in 1992's 'Adventures of Seymore Butts.' There, she joined Marc Wallice, T.T. Boy and Carolyn Monroe for a feverish foursome that gives some great screen time to Tianna Taylor's pre-boob job beauty. Despite her smaller proportions, Tianna Taylor still was a head-turning stunner and she all but stole the show.

By the time of her appearance in 1993's 'Adventure of Breastman,' Tianna Taylor has started pumping up her assets to enormous size. She joined Marc Wallice there for a spicy session that proved that her new-found mammarial heft hadn't slowed her down one little bit.

Tianna Taylor was one of the hardest working women in the business throughout the early 90s, then eased her way back a bit during 1995 and 1996. She shot herself in the foot a bit by bad-mouthing Jon Dough and Jonathan Morgan, claiming that the actors had herpes. Producers wouldn't work with her for some time. The latter part of the decade saw Tianna Taylor making a bit of a return, cranking up her shooting schedule to a hectic pace once again. It was in this stage of her carnal career that Tianna Taylor shot some of her best stuff.

In 1998's 'Black and White Fire,' Tianna Taylor turned in what may be her best outing ever. In a thirty-minute long romp with Julian St. Jox, Tianna Taylor pulled out all the stops. She clearly loved every moment of the lengthy liaison, and it comes through in every shot. Another great scene can be found in 'Twice in a Lifetime,' where Tianna Taylor joins Christy Canyon and Randy West in a searing threeway workout.

Tianna Taylor left the scene in late 1998, after appearing in over 115 flicks. She remains a favorite among fans of super-breasty redheads, a throwback to the days when a porn starlet's worth was measured by the bulk of her boobs.

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